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Stylish Design for your New Nursery

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Just because you’re about to become a new parent, does not mean you need to forgo all aspects of style and design!

We’ve got four finishing touches for every nursery that encompasses style and practicality! And you will LOVE them!

                                                              Charlie Crane’s Levo Rocker


                                                                     Noga Changing Table


                                                                   Lorena Canals Washable Rug


                                                    Personalised Wall Art – Colours to suit your Design!


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Brilliant MummyDaddy BackPacks

There are many super Mummy/Baby/Change bags out there. But let’s be honest, there’s not many that our man is going to feel comfortable carrying. The alternative? Easy! The backpack! This year, bag manufacturers have cottoned onto that fact and realised that a more unisex approach is needed, while remaining practical and stylish without looking too clumpy.Just Launched [...]

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While the kids are out…mums sort out!

Okay mums…only a few more days until the kids go back to school, so get dads to take little ones to the park (or lots of other ideas…see our recent blog) while you get a couple of hours to get sorted. If your little one is around the 12 month mark or older, and you haven’t really [...]

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How to Travel with JUST hand luggage with toddlers

There's two types of packer! The one who packs for every eventuality, outfits laid out for every day of a holiday and finds the 22kg per person is simply not enough!! Then, there are others who can get away with a few bits and pieces and make it last two weeks - all in hand [...]

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Break free from the bonds of a pushchair and carry babies in style

There’s a lot to be said for being hands free. Unencumbered by pushchairs, carrying little ones around can provide the freedom you crave to not worry about rough terrain, country styles, doorway widths, stairs or travel.With Summer being the time we want to get outside, enjoy fresh air and a greater sense of freedom…we have two really great options…. ThClose [...]

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​What to Do This Summer…

It’s super easy to spend a fortune taking little ones to play centres, theme parks, zoos…but really kids want to spend time with YOU, having FUN…it’s not the WHERE that matters, it’s the WHO! So, take time off and really spend time with your little ones…they’ll love it…and so will you! Here are some simple but great [...]

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Keep Kids Cool at Bedtime

We’ve all enjoyed some beautiful weather recently and with summer stretching out ahead of us, there are sure to be plenty more balmy nights. Sleeping with the windows open, just in a nappy, with the fan blowing…and still little ones seem to wake up drenched in sweat!Urbanmummy has a BRILLIANT range of TENCEL bedding. The fabric has natural [...]

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Get your festival vibe on!

Summertime is festival season and if haven’t been to one, it’s a crazy, different world. You’ll live in a bubble and rock a tutu, flowers in your hair and face-paint.But it’s not just for adults! Take Glastonbury for example, there is a huge family camping field, completely separate from the main site and perfect for little ones. [...]

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UrbanMummy FIT!

No doubt, we’d all love to wake-up beach body ready this summer, but the reality is usually far from it. Finding the time to head over to your local gym can be tough, as just being a mummy is exhausting enough, without adding a 30-minute run on the treadmill to your day.Home workouts are a great alternative to [...]

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How Many Types of Bib do You Own?

In LBC (Life Before Children), a bib was a bib right?................WRONG! To the uninitiated, it’s a minefield! Do not worry, Urbanmummy.co.uk is here to save the day! No longer will anyone be able to shake their head pityingly as you mistake a bandana bib from a biblet or pocket bib from a jersey bib…are you ready? Heads [...]

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