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How Many Types of Bib do You Own?

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In LBC (Life Before Children), a bib was a bib right?................WRONG! To the uninitiated, it’s a minefield! Do not worry, Urbanmummy.co.uk is here to save the day! No longer will anyone be able to shake their head pityingly as you mistake a bandana bib from a biblet or pocket bib from a jersey bib…are you ready? Heads down, we’re going in!


This nifty Biblet is sized just right to be your baby's first bib! It's perfect for dribblers as it's small enough to leave on for longer periods of time.



Squillions of designs of these around! Functional and fabulous bandana bibs are an essential item for teething tots. 



Does what it says, basic, functional, practical! Fastening is a consideration. The back fastener needs to be secure enough that your little one cannot yank it off. If it goes over the head then be prepared for your little one’s hair to get messy!



Like a plain bib but with a food catching pocket – don’t put your hand in there unless you’re wearing gloves – you could find anything! Plastic and material versions available.



Long Sleeve Bib is terrific for self feeders! Long sleeves provide added ‘protection’ while the open back allows babies and kids to stay cool and makes it easy to get on and off. They can be extra long and wide too.



Shoulder Bibs are perfect for burping your bub. The absorbent fabric and water resistant backing will keep your clothes clean and dry.


So there you have it…who knew? Our tips for buying bibs….

  • Make sure it’s waterproof – dribble is wetter than you think!
  • Bigger is better when it comes to eating – cute does not cover the mustard when it comes to spaghetti Bolognese
  • Fasteners are best – lifting a dirty bib that’s done it’s job over the head defeats the object when food covers your little one’s hair!
  • Work out which type of fastener works best for you – at the back of the neck, the side? Do you prefer Velcro, press stud, tie?
  • Comfort - your little one should not even realise they’re wearing a bib!

Two brands that get it are: 


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