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Baby Websites Lowdown

Here’s a list of our Top 10 baby/parenting/family websites in no particular order and a little bit about them.PS We have not included websites that also have magazine’s attached to them (that’s another blog entirely)!                                     Only a couple of year’s [...]

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Swim Fun for Little Ones

Getting little ones in the water is fun for everyone. Giving children the gift of water confidence is a must have not a nice have on the list of parenting ‘duties’. But, that’s easier said than done for some children. We’ve come up with some idea, tips and practical solutions to help. Sooner rather than laterGetting little [...]

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Monochrome Design

Going bold in your little one’s room with a monochrome black and white design is a daring move but one your baby will love. Baby’s love strong colours so out with the muted pastels and in with strong, inspiring design statements.Just because you’ve had a baby does not mean you need to turn your back on style!Once [...]

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If Your Baby Sleeps Through This Blog Isn’t For You

When was the last time you had a full night’s sleep? Uninterrupted? Over 7 hours – straight through? Feels like a lifetime ago?Whilst urbanmummy.co.uk would love to think as a direct result of this very blog we will be able to magically transform your little one into one that sleeps all night – the grim reality [...]

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Perfectly Pink

Pink is everywhere this season….and here at urbanmummy.co.uk it’s no exception. Take a browse at some of our faves here and visit us online for a wider selection. #AlwaysonTrend                                

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March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

It’s rare this blog gets serious. We’re all – oooh let’s decorate the room, let’s celebrate the new baby, snuggly bedtimes….yeah well…it just got serious!FACT 1: Ovarian cancer is DIFFERENT to Cervical CancerFACT 2: A Cervical Smear ONLY screens cancer of the cervix NOT the ovariesYou can click here to check an online BRCA Risk Tool which you can use [...]

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What are you doing on Thursday 02 March? No plans? This day is National Old Stuff Day. Why not use it as an opportunity to get sorted!Sort what?Pick one room to sort today! The nursery, your bedroom, the kitchen, the office.. just one!                        [...]

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My Little One Doesn’t Like Pancakes!

Weirdly my little ones do not like pancakes. I mean. Who doesn’t love a pancake, a crepe, a warm dessert of sweet, gooey loveliness? Perhaps sugar-free Davina?With 28th February #ShroveTuesday looming, I am staring at my bowl of pancake mix and thinking – can I really get through eight pancakes? In Cool Hand Luke style the mind [...]

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Is your little one ready to make the move from cot to toddler bed? Here we have five fun, funky and fabulous toddler beds – guaranteed to make that transition a super exciting prospect for little ones (and big ones!)This racing car bed is perfect for the toddler that’s on the go from morning to night. Let [...]

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​Eight Surprising Kids Factoids

1) Swimming will cost the NHS £6.5million in antibiotics this year – use www.swimseal.com to prevent those nasty ear infections2) 1.1 million children (1 in 11) are receiving treatment for Asthma in the UK – try a bed wedge from www.acosybumpers.co.uk to ease night time congestion3) Boys are approximately twice as likely as girls to have accidents – always [...]

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