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3 Great Party Ideas for Under 5's - Part II: ​ART ATTACK PARTY

Invest in lots of art supplies. You’ll need a space or room that you don’t mind getting covered in glitter, glue, paint and more!                   InvitationsInvite your guests to get on board at the Creation Station…Creations StationsThe Cupcake Station: Premade cupcakes at the ready and a range of things to [...]

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3 Great Party Ideas for Under 5's - Part I: ​TOON TIME PARTY

Move into the land of your little one’s favourite cartoon character and theme the party round that. Fireman Sam, Lazy Town, Disney, Barney the Dinosaur….from invitations to party games, the cake and party bags.InvitationGet an image of your character, add a speech bubble and invite your friend to the party. Photocopy and send [...]

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White Nursery Furniture Preferred by Parents According to Silver Cross...

From recent research 78% of parents chose white furniture for their baby according to research by luxury British nursery company, Silver Cross. "We know that parents consider design and style together with longevity, when choosing furniture," said a spokesman for the company.Here at urbanmummy.co.uk we know that white furniture works well in often the smallest room in the house [...]

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Clever feeding time products to help with toddlers and diddlers!

The days of civilised meals where you get to sit and enjoy a meal whilst it’s still hot and in its entirety may seem a distant memory. We've been on the hunt for some clever, practical and lovely products that will help your mealtimes be an enjoyable event once again!The Charlie Crane TIBU high chair is not only an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture [...]

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How to be a Helpful Dad!

When two become three – life for new dads will never be the same again! As a dad you might feel that there isn’t much you can do to help your partner with breastfeeding. But a dad or partner’s role can be vital and make all the difference.Practical ways you can helpGet the kettle on. If [...]

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Reasons to Love Baby Massage

Natural Baby Care Expert and founder of Mumma Love Organics, Samantha Quinn shares her love of Baby massage with Urbanmummies"I’d like to share my tips and tricks for making it work for you. As part of your daily routine with baby, massage boasts many benefits and it’s never too late to start!Touch is a baby’s very first language, and by making [...]

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​Homeworker? Stay Motivated with 8 Quick Ideas

The day you decided to ‘work from home’ no doubt was a great one! Work – Life balance – tick, no more commute, no more boss, no more office politics. The truth is it’s not long before you find yourself taking just a bit longer in the playground as you crave adult face-to-face interaction and the time you [...]

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Introducing Wendy Shand, founder of Tots to Travel, the best place to find stress-free & baby-friendly holidays!

We're thrilled to have Wendy Shand on the blog today. As founder of the award-winning Tots to Travel, she explains how her company takes the stress out of family holidays and shares her Top 10 Family Travel Tips."After my two-year-old son fell into an unenclosed swimming pool whilst on a family holiday in 2005 I realised that the [...]

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Breastfeeding in Public

If you’re a new mum who breastfeeds, one of the hurdles to overcome is breastfeeding in a public place. With increasing amounts of negative media coverage highlighting how uncomfortable mothers are made to feel, actually stepping out in public can be quite daunting!Fear not…the reality is, most of us tend to feed discreetly making it unlikely for anyone to even [...]

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4 Vloggers Worth Watching…

There is just so much to watch on the Internet these days…but if you’re anything like us, we end up doing the same loop through our phone/ipads/laptops…you know the one, facebook, twitter feed, Instagram a bit on Pinterest, look at a couple of blogs, back to Facebook, a YouTube link that leads to another….and repeat!So I hope a quick guide [...]

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