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Is Sam Faier’s Partner, Paul a Keeper?

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As Sam Faiers second series of The Mummy Diaries hits our screens, her much denigrated partner, Paul Knightly hits the headlines again for questionable treatment of her.

Here’s a question, is it acceptable for Paul to not have read Sam’s new book? As an urban, cosmopolitan mummy, like we are here, we understand that people can be individuals in a relationship. We don’t all know the intricacies of each other’s work. But, but, but … joking that you’ve ‘read the front cover’ would suggest Mr Knightly feels intimidated by Sam’s obvious success and popularity. Belittling her achievements as not worth reading, undermines her and sees the viewer having to watch Sam try and persuade Paul to read it because she’s “written some really nice things about him”.

The wider point is, how supportive as mums, should we expect our partners to be? Would we expect our partner to read the book we’d written? Overwhelmingly, we believe the answer to be yes!

In the meantime, we wait for Paul Knightly to impress us!


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