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Swim Fun for Little Ones

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Getting little ones in the water is fun for everyone. Giving children the gift of water confidence is a must have not a nice have on the list of parenting ‘duties’. But, that’s easier said than done for some children. We’ve come up with some idea, tips and practical solutions to help.

  • Sooner rather than later

Getting little ones used to water starts in the first month. Don’t be afraid to cup water in the palm of your hand to wash your little one’s face. It means they are already used to opening their eyes with a couple of water droplets on their eye lids.

  • Join a mother and baby swim class

There are lots of local swim schools. You can enquire at your local gym and swimming pool to see who holds classes and there are national swim franchises like Puddleducks, Turtletots and Babyswimmers. These are a great way to help give you confidence with your little one in the water too!

  • A Funky towel is a Must

Part of the adventure of swimming for toddlers is having their own funky towel. Yes, we all have a bath towel we can use but why would you when little ones get to be sharks, dinosaurs and flamingos (and it might just help you get out of the pool when the time comes).


  • Develop confidence

- Show that you’re happy to under the water – play Peekaboo by going underwater and popping up again.

- Gentle splashing and get your little one to splash you!

- Piggy back rides (means you are not holding them, they are holding you)

- If your little one is still clinging tightly – just give it time (a quick reassuring aside, my 7 year old clung on for dear life, nails and all well into the toddler years, he is now the first one up the ladder to jump off the 5m board…he just took a bit longer to get it).

  • Ear infections

For some children swimming can actually hurt and it will seem like every time they go in the water another ear infection develops! This is commonly known as swimmer’s ear and is caused by bacteria in the water penetrating the soft tissue in the ear, causing it to become inflamed, swollen and sore. Not nice! So what to do? Children and ear plugs go together like a Sunday dinner and custard – it simply isn’t happening! Worry not, we have a solution! Two drops of Swimseal in each ear provides a waterproof coating preventing bacteria doing its worst! Swimeal naturally migrates out of the ear after a couple of hours (if you’re on holiday and in and out of the water just keep topping up like you do with sun tan lotion). Suitable from 6 months but one word of caution – you can’t use it if you have grommets ☹


  • In the shower/early bathtime

On a swim day kids can be showered early - hooray for a quick win! So don’t forget the shampoo! We suggest an all in one that you just keep in your bag. We love Burt Bees, Mixa Baby, Baby Spa, Child’s Farm and Little Green Cares


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