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​What to Do This Summer…

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It’s super easy to spend a fortune taking little ones to play centres, theme parks, zoos…but really kids want to spend time with YOU, having FUN…it’s not the WHERE that matters, it’s the WHO! So, take time off and really spend time with your little ones…they’ll love it…and so will you! Here are some simple but great ideas:

  • Create a food garden (Strawberries/potatoes/carrots/tomatoes) get mature strawberry plants and plant them in pots on the patio (same for everything else)
  • Take a picnic and ball to the park – invite friends

  • Take a drive to the seaside – build sandcastles, splash in the water, collect shells
  • Have a stroll round town – make a list of things to try and spot
  • Take a trip on the bus to your local town
  • Make ice lollies & bake cakes
  • Create a treasure hunt

  • Have a garden day – paddling pools and toys outside
  • Wash the car together
  • Have a water fight
  • Create a mini golf course with the lawn mower – use washed out yoghurt pots and food containers as the hole
  • Go kite flying

  • Take a trip to your library (find out when story-time / toddler time is held)
  • Visit a museum
  • Create a puppet play
  • Take your/friend’s dog for a walk
  • Play Pooh sticks
  • Collect wild flowers
  • Go geocaching (Top 10 places to go Geocaching)
  • Feed the ducks (they prefer bird seed not bread)

  • Make some DIY presents
  • Visit a castle/abbey
  • Create a camp in the back garden – and eat tea there!
  • Have a cinema day – close the curtains, watch films, eat popcorn and hot-dogs
  • And if it’s raining…go puddle jumping

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