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While the kids are out…mums sort out!

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Okay mums…only a few more days until the kids go back to school, so get dads to take little ones to the park (or lots of other ideas…see our recent blog) while you get a couple of hours to get sorted. If your little one is around the 12 month mark or older, and you haven’t really had a good sort through – now is the time to do it!

Go through each drawer and decide:

Keep (label 0 – 3 months and box)

Charity (that could be a friend or the local charity shop)

Sell (set a deadline, if it hasn’t sold in X, it goes to charity)

Throw...there’s not a lot here to throw (they haven’t worn it enough) but if your little one has been producing ‘artwork’ for a while, pick your favourites to keep and throw the rest. Frame one or a collection – no good just sitting in a box gathering dust.

Sort – All the pictures and the keepsake box – they’ll be 10 years old before you know it! *cough #speaksfromexperience


These Buddy boxes are stackable and sturdy – a great solution for storing in wardrobes!

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