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Towelling Robes

Our Polka Dot and Rocking Horse hooded towlling robes are a new addition to our baby gifts range.  Both towelling robes offer a practical alternative to wrapping baby in a blanket to keep the chill off. They can be invaluable to quickly wrap baby up after a bath to prevent them from getting cold whilst you are looking for that elusive item of clothing.  Or as an additional layer over pyjamas or a bodysuit when having a soothing cuddle between bath and bedtime. 

Keeping a bathrobe to hand in baby's bedroom can be especially convenient when they are teething, unwell or merely having a restless night. If you have to get them up and give them a hug, wrapping them up warmly will help to lull them back off to sleep and ensure that you get some rest too. There are no fiddly buttons on the towelling robes - just a belt which takes no time to loosen so you can easily remove it without disturbing baby when they are ready to go back to bed.

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