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Nursery Accessories – Choosing nursery pictures for your child’s room

Posted on 2nd Nov 2010 @ 8:16 PM

Decorating a child's nursery can be a daunting prospect with many things to consider. Creating a special place for your little one will be high on the agenda - a room which is a cosy haven of relaxation but which, at the same time, offers points of interest for your baby to recognise and interact with as they grow. 

One way to start your decision-making process for nursery decoration is to choose a few timeless pieces that you love and use these as a basis to decorate and accessorise the rest of the nursery. Selecting a few perfect pictures would be a good starting point and one which you could easily build upon. 

Urbanmummy's range of nursery pictures offers solutions in the shape of our luxurious, original oil paintings - hand-painted on canvas by the popular French artist Lynda Fays. Our range by Lynda Fays also includes a collection of nursery pictures with the 'look and feel' of an original oil painting on hand-stretched canvas. Urbanmummy's nursery pictures have a broad appeal with bright and colourful images such as character teddies, vehicles and animals.  So, no matter whether you are creating a nursery for a new baby, young child, boy or girl - our range offers options for you to create a room that will grow with your child.

As your child develops, the pictures you choose for their nursery can provide an alternative source for stories.  They give you an opportunity to bring their room 'alive' with imaginative tales of characters like 'Timeo' bear or 'Little Bunny' or exciting travel to far-reaching planets in 'Space Rocket'.  Children tend to take memories of childhood tales into adulthood and often pass them onto their own children ...... what a wonderful legacy!